Brand New Body Sculpt Wraps Launch To Aid Natural Slimming and Weight Loss

WED, SEP 04, 2013 12:04 CET

A natural way to lose inches as well as kilos has launched in a burst of organic well-being and non-invasive treatments in the form of Body Sculpt Wraps. Blended with a potent formula packed with a range of natural herbal ingredients, the Body Sculpt Wrap helps to tone, tighten and firm, whilst promoting increased weight loss by dissolving and eliminating unwanted fat.

Anne de Silva Founder of Body Sculpt Wraps of Body Sculpt Wraps, says, “After a car accident, I gained a significant amount of weight, and spent a long time searching for a healthy, natural way to shed the weight and regain my former figure. This search for a miracle solution led me to develop the Body Sculpt Wraps. Our fantastic organic formula helps to get rid of unwanted fat and tone almost any area of the body, whether you want slimmer-looking thighs or a lean, sculpted stomach. The science behind our wraps is proven to have both instant and prolonged effects on the figure, and the wraps have already been snapped up by twelve spa and anti-ageing facilities across the US.”

The complex science behind these slimming wraps has been formulated for a very simple outcome. The wraps encourage the depletion of excess fat and toxins which are stored in adipose cells in the body. Once the excess fat and toxins have been depleted and flushed away, engorged cells will shrink back to their normal size, allowing for wonderful inch and weight loss. Combined with a system of proper nutrition, the wraps can help anyone to slim down and regain the confident glow they have been missed out on.

Body Sculpt Wraps have also teamed up with a number of Ultrasonic Liposuction practitioners in order to provide a comprehensive weight loss treatment, exclusive to a number of US facilities. A plastic surgeon recently discovered that there was a synergy between the Body Sculpt Wraps and the non-surgical treatment, known in the industry as Ultrasonic Cavitation. Without surgery bruising or scars, the treatment promotes slimming and detoxification, with immediate results which last as long as a healthy diet is maintained. The treatment is the perfect kick-start to a brand new healthy regime that is already being enjoyed by thousands across the country.

Keeping adipose cells lean and promoting weight loss in a natural and organic way, the Body Sculpt Wraps are a great way to shed inches as part of a lifestyle change or just a holiday slimming regime. The powerful formula encourages fast cell turnover, meaning that the skin will renew itself more quickly and appear rejuvenated, fresh and youthful. Whatever the reason for the weight loss, Body Sculpt Wraps provide a natural and safe way to shed excess fat and get the figure of your dreams.

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:  Founded in the wake of a car accident which left Anne de Silva ] gaining weight, Body Sculpt Wraps are a natural and organic way to shed inches as well as kilos. 


Anti-aging medicine has accelerated the pace of advancements in health promotion and prevention and has become the most important new model for health care for this new millennium. By implementing a pro-active health program, embracing elements of anti-aging and preventive medical care for yourself, it is now possible to increase your ability to live a longer and more robust lifespan than ever before. Sounds perfectly reasonable, doesn’t it? However, who amongst us doesn’t realize that this is easier said than done! Living in a fast paced world and so easily falling prey to the rigors that society places upon us, we have slowly become the product of over indulgence! We want more, eat more, stress more… exercise less, sleep less and have learned to care less! In fact we have turned the whole “less is more” approach to healthy living upside down! Would it not be ‘more or less’ accurate to admit that we have spent the last decade doing less of what we should and more of what we shouldn’t? So where does that leave us, if not more unhealthy, overweight and more haggard in our appearance due to stress?

Well, what if we could apply that same ‘fast food’ approach to turning back the clock, losing weight and becoming healthier? Wouldn’t we all embrace that opportunity, especially if it was safe, all natural, inexpensive and proven highly effective? Well, Body Sculpt Wraps has spent several years of intensive research to come up with an innovative, unique treatment for tightening the skin and removing toxins and fat with remarkable immediate and progressive results! Their timing couldn’t be better as we enter into a new era defined by cleaner living and an ever increasing need to re-program our way of thinking!

BODY SCULPT WRAPS is a company dedicated to providing all natural, safe, professional quality beauty and wellness products that both reflect high standards of integrity and reach consumers at extremely affordable prices. They proudly offer the highest quality nutritional supplements, exclusive anti-aging solutions and their internationally famed Body Sculpt Wrap.

Body Sculpt Wraps adopts a synergistic approach to healthy living, recognizing that oftentimes, a multi-modal, multi-therapeutic approach (including nutritional supplements) may deliver greater rejuvenative effects than by administering single therapies alone. They have developed the most effective line of one-of-a-kind products that are grounded in natural, botanical principles – the most remarkable being their Body Sculpt Wrap, which will allow your clients to target specific areas of their body to remove toxins and to reduce adipose fat and cellulite, immediately!

The Body Sculpt Wrap is designed to be aesthetically effective, with no post application sensitivity. The growing increase in Global Awareness and the use of Eco-friendly products makes the Body Sculpt Wrap the perfect wellness solution to offer to all of your clients seeking natural anti-aging and body slimming solutions!

The Body Sculpt Wrap(fat loss wrap) are non-invasive, proven effective and designed to naturally and safely help your body dissolve areas of unwanted fat and stubborn cellulite that have been resistant to the effects of diet & exercise. The Body Sculpt Wrap is a non-woven cloth, body applicator that has been infused with a powerful botanical lotion formula to deliver maximum lasting results quickly and with the following healthful benefits! Each Body wrap tightens tones and firms, for younger looking skin to improve the skin’s texture and decrease the appearance of wrinkles. It detoxifies the body. Revitalizes, refreshes, renews and hydrates the skin to feel satin smooth. Reduces unsightly fat and cellulite (no water loss). It infuses tissues with anti-oxidants and amino acids to combat free radicals. It nourishes depleted tissues with nutrients to promote collagen and elastin production. Stimulates circulation. Inch loss (toxins and fat) is experienced after 60 minutes. Targeted applications to spot treat specific areas of the body. Pre-shaped to target Chin, neck or body. Ready to use with no preparation necessary. Easy to use, one-step, non-messy application. .

The powerful combination of herbal ingredients in every Body Wrap is designed to penetrate just below the surface of the skin into the fat & cellulite layers, stimulating the fat cells & local circulation to metabolize & transport fat out of the area. The absorbed herbal ingredients help to break up the collagenous connective tissue matrix surrounding & suffocating the fat cell. This provides better circulatory access to the fat cells causing more fat cells to shrink resulting in the loss of the “orange peel effect” or cellulite. Unlike invasive surgical procedures, the all natural BodySculpt Wraps are designed to stimulate the fat cells to dump fat without harming the surrounding tissues, fat cells or supporting skin structures!

Cellulite is not the same as (ordinary) adipose fat. It doesn’t play by the same rules and is notoriously resistant to the methodologies used for the removal of regular fat.
There is surprisingly little research and written information on Cellulite, considering that it effects 95% of the post-pubescent human female population. It is less common, but men suffer from cellulite too. The author of The Cellulite Solution, Dr. Elizabeth Dancy describes it as normal fatty tissue that has become distorted. She suggests as do other writers on the subject that it occurs because the lymphatic system (where the cellular waste is dumped) in the lower half of the body gets clogged up preventing the removal of waste and toxins, this “gunk” congeals between the fat cells putting pressure on the micro vascular system cutting off blood flow. This creates an oxygen starved environment leading to the proliferation of fibroblasts which wrap around the fat cells imprisoning them in a fibrous web work which leaves the fat no option but to bulge out producing the cold skin and “orange peel effect”. This lack of circulation also prevents the fat from being mobilized as it would be from an area of normal circulation. Based on clinical observations, women with cellulite have a history of metabolic and systemic problems such as food allergies, yeast infections, difficult pregnancies, a history of yoyo dieting, hormone deficiencies and imbalances, a genetic predisposition to cellulite, smoking, antioxidant deficiencies, poor nutrition and a chronic lack of exercise and poor circulation. Cellulite is a condition which involves abnormal physiology of the skin and fatty tissues due to insufficient lymphatic drainage, accumulation of fat and fluid retention. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not caused by excessive weight. Cellulite mostly appears on the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks. The Body Sculpt Wrap targets the problem areas by using a vasodilator to improve blood flow and a natural formula to breakdown and dissolve fat. Drinking plenty of alkaline water will help alleviate lymphatic congestion and the drainage of the waste products and the lymph and is key to helping achieve optimum efficiency. Treatment for this condition consists of regular application to the cellulite areas where the treatment breaks down the fibrous tissue surrounding the fat cells. Massage can also help stimulate local circulation & the powerful ingredients stimulate the fat cells to release stubborn fat.
Those with more severe forms of cellulite may require a comprehensive program consisting of, diet, exercise, specific types of lymphatic massage manual and mechanical (endermology), herbal medicaments, specific nutrients, treatment programs to resolve food allergies and related factors which cause abdominal lymphatic congestion.


Body Sculpt Wraps have developed a unique, one piece shape wear that has proven to offer highly effective support when used with Wrap treatments. It helps to compress and allow the ingredients of each Wrap to penetrate below the sub dermal layers of the skin & it also provides a means of support for the wraps to stay in place for longer periods of time. Ask us about obtaining this uniquely paired approach to offer further inch loss and long lasting results.