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Ronali De Silva

Ronali De Silva

BodySculptWraps CEO

Do you want to uncover the body you’ve always dreamed of, minus the hassle of heavy dieting and exercise, but with immediate results?


At BodySculptWraps, we are committed to providing our clients with healthy, affordable, long-term weight loss & wellness solutions through the use of only non-surgical aesthetics.


Using the latest in body sculpting technology, the innovative science-based formula of the BodySculptWraps can quickly help you achieve real results without the medical risks, downtime or any difficult period of recovery what normally follows the traditional, invasive liposuction.


The simple application of the BodySculptWraps aids in the elimination of unwanted toxins & fat from the body that is crucial to lasting weight loss. It is that simple!


Not only will you be surprised by how quick painless and efficient the procedure is, but you will be blown away by the results!


Our goal at BodySculptWraps is to provide our clients with visible, lasting results, and we pride ourselves on achieving our goal.


Come give the BodySculptWraps a try, and see for yourself.


where exactly You can find us

Burbank : Dylan Keith Salon

Beverly Hills : Dr. Jon C. Oatey D.C.

Monrovia : Bellisima Salon & Day Spa

Seal Beach : Phenix Suites

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